Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. aspires to be an integral part of your Real Estate Team, along with your Realtor and Loan Officer. Our involvement is multi-funtional. As Your Title Company, Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. facilitates the title search, clearing title, insuring both lender and owner, being the clearinghouse for all of the funds on the transaction, conducting settlement, recording of legal instruments and issuance of final title policies. We provide first class service from the time we receive your order to the issuance of the title policy. Some of our many real estate services include:

  • Deed Transfers
  • Title Insurance
  • Commercial Closings
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Power of Attorney
  • Title Searches
  • Escrow Agent
  • Closing Services

You want to work with a company you can trust. You want to know that your title agency is looking out for your best interests, while delivering the finest in technology and services available.

Dead Transfers

Cole Title & Escrow Inc. prepares Life Estate Deeds, which are an excellent estate planning tool, can easily be reversed if full powers are retained and give peace of mind as to the titling of your property in the future.

Redeeming your Ground Rent ? Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. works hand in hand with the ground rent owner in preparing a deed to extinguish the ground rent and facilitating its execution and recording.

Recently married and would like to add a spouse to title or change a surname ? Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. prepares spousal deeds for just these purposes, again peace of mind in knowing that title is current as to your name and wishes.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a policy insuring the owner or mortgagee against loss by reason of defects in the title to a parcel of real estate, other than encumbrances, defects and matters specifically excluded by the policy.

Below please find a few select articles to help you better understand the Title Insurance and Homebuying process.

What is Title Insurance?
Why you need Title Insurance
Owners Policy Comparison

Commercial Closings

Cole Title's Commercial Department has successfully closed some of the most complex commercial transactions throughout the State of Maryland. We work with large and small corporations, national lenders, and national franchise owners as well as local financial institutions.

With the backing of 2 National Underwriters, First American and Stewart Title, Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. is more than adept at handling your commerical transaction

1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange, otherwise known as a tax deferred exchange is a simple strategy and method for selling one property, that's qualified, and then proceeding with an acquisition of another property (also qualified) within a specific time frame. The logistics and process of selling a property and then buying another property are practically identical to any standardized sale and buying situation, a "1031 exchange" is unique because the entire transaction is treated as an exchange and not just as a simple sale. It is this difference between "exchanging" and not simply buying and selling which, in the end, allows the taxpayer(s) to qualify for a deferred gain treatment. So to say it in simple terms, sales are taxable with the IRS and 1031 exchanges are not.

"Please seek the advise of your Accountant when deciding whether or not to sell an investment property through a 1031 Facilitator"

Power of Attorney

An important part of lifetime planning is the power of attorney. Valid in all states, these documents give one or more persons the power to act on your behalf. The power may be limited to a particular activity (e.g., closing the sale of your home) or general in its application, empowering one or more persons to act on your behalf in a variety of situations. It may take effective immediately or only upon the occurrence of a future event (e.g., a determination that you are unable to act for yourself). The latter are "springing" powers of attorney. It may give temporary or continuous, permanent authority to act on your behalf.

Title Searches

A title search is a comprehensive review of all public records involving the title to a particular property. A typical title search consists of any and all historical records pertaining to the property including, but not limited to; deeds, wills, trusts, court records, property and name indexes, mortgages, and many other documents.

What is the purpose of a title search?
The purpose of the title search is to verify that there are no liens or other claims against the property and that all former owners have given up their rights to the property. This verifies that the seller has a right to transfer ownership of the property.

How is a title search conducted?
A typical title search can go as far back as 30 years. A search begins when the examiner, a lawyer or an expert from your title company, investigates the previous owners of the property going all the back to when the land was purchased from the government by the original home owners.

With the miracle of modern technology, examiners have been able to utilize the power of the Internet in order to expedite and perfect title searches, giving unlimited access to public documents at the click of a button.

The examiner is looking for “clouds,” a title term for any problem that might affect the seller’s ability to successfully transfer the title of the home to the buyer. If “clouds” are detected, it’s crucial that you have title insurance to safeguard your investment.

What role does title insurance play?
Title insurance is essential because it protects the homeowner of their ownership. Title insurance safeguards the homeowner from loss due to problems with the title. Your policy states that your title company will provide legal counsel should any problem with your title occur. The title insurance company offers a complete and thorough background investigation on your property searching for anything that could affect the title, such as: tax information, historic matters of importance, purchasing information, other claims to the property, etc. — essentially all matters which could affect ownership.

However, even in the most thorough investigations, it is possible to miss something important, and therefore, you buy title insurance. This protects the homeowner as well as the title company. Once the settlement is final, the homeowner is completely responsible for any valid claims made against the property in question. Title insurance protects your investment.

If “clouds” do arise, title insurance protects the buyer and lender from any losses, including the cost to fix the errors, up to the value of the policy or the original purchase price. This is due to the fact that the title search failed to turn up this information.

Are their hidden problems that a title search may not expose?
In some cases, even the most thorough title search can miss something that could affect the ownership of your home. Hidden problems could include fraud, forgery, faulty deeds, mental incompetence, clerical errors, etc. In these cases, your title insurance will protect you from any loss you incur up to the amount of your policy, as well as your legal fees.

Escrow Agent

Escrow agents operate as neutral third-parties on behalf of sellers and buyers in a real estate transaction. Escrow agents accept funds and documents for delivery to the parties when the terms of escrow have been completed.

Closing Services

Settlement is the cumulation of all the efforts of you and your Real Estate Professionals involved in your transaction, namely the Realtor and the Loan Officer. Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. takes very seriously our role in this formality and tries to ensure that all parties have settlement sheets prior to closing, taking the worry of any surprise out of the equation. Whether selling a home that you have owned for 50 years or buying your first property, Cole Title & Escrow, Inc. is sensitive to the parties specific situation.